About Us

VendorVid is the first video chat platform dedicated to simplifying face-to-face meetings between those planning events and top rated vendors. VendorVid is a startup based in the DC Metro Area. Since VendorVid is built using WebRTC, a browser based video chat technology, no plugins or installations are required when using on Google Chrome or Firefox.

For Engaged Couples & Planners of Events:

Vendorvid uses video chat to help you meet the vendors that will make your wedding or event successful. We know that the vendor selection process can be arduous and it can be difficult to setup in person conversations with each vendor. We make it convenient for you to speak with multiple trustworthy vendors instantly or to schedule video chats, phone calls, and in person meetings with them based on your schedule.

For Vendors:

Vendorvid uses video chat to help you meet new customers and build stronger relationships with existing clients, especially with those that don't live in the area. In the same time it takes to attend one initial in-person client meeting, VendorVid can be used to have live video chat meetings with multiple potential and existing clients. We are also working on a way to make it simpler to schedule phone calls and in-person meetings.

VendorVid Team